Oct 7, 2012

On behalf of TrenDigi, I'm very pleased to share the acceptance speech for 2012 Golden Torch Awards. On the day knowing that TrenDigi was the winner for 2012 Golden Torch Awards, we were more than happy to know that the judges have extremely positive feedbacks and evaluations for our goals and objectives. We are grateful for all the people who have support us thus far. "Sharing" is the keyword best describing the core faith of TrenDigi. "Every team needs a hero, and every hero needs a team." TrenDigi would've never gone this far without a team like you all. All the achievements are meant to share with everyone at TrenDigi. The recognition by 2012 Golden Torch Awards is just a good start, and there will be more and more challenges ahead. I will lead the team to the path of success with our ultimate goal. Thanks! by Kevin